The initiative of Year of Giving

Mohammad Al Saadi Advocates & Legal Consultants Initiative in Year of Giving

"“giving” is defined by the differences we make: the differences in someone’s life, in a society, or in a nation…"

“This is our goal for the Year of Giving –to make a difference in the lives of those we care for, and in ourselves.”

“Volunteer your skills, your knowledge and your energy.Volunteer and make a difference in your society."

The initiative of Year of Giving

Distinction Between Two Trade Marks

As indicated in Article (2) of Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trade Marks, the purpose of using a trade mark is to enable the customers and consumers to differentiate the services provided under a certain trade mark and to identify their preferences of products and articles. This purpose is achieved by differentiating between the trademarks used to characterize a certain product in a distinctive way that enable the customers and consumers to clearly distinguish the same from other trademarks without confusion or ambiguity.

Electronic Mails

Affirmation of the information contained in any email. Conditions:  such electronic mail or signature is accepted as an evidence and if such email or electronic signature is not genuine or not in its genuine form and such email or electronic signature is the best evidence the claiming person can bring,  the protected email  which is not changed since created can be accepted. Federal Law No. (1) of 2006. On Electronic  Transactions and E-commerce.

Appeal No. (241) of 2007 (Commercial Appeal), Session No. 28/01/2008

Foreigners’ Land Acquisition in Dubai

Article (4) of Law No. 7 of 2006  Concerning Land Registration in the Emirate of Dubai stipulates that The right to own Land in the Emirate shall be restricted to citizens of the United Arab Emirates, citizens of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf, the companies totally owned by any of the foregoing, and public joint stock companies. Foreign Persons may, subject to the approval of the Ruler, be granted in certain areas the following rights:

(a) The right to acquire absolute ownership of Land without restrictions as to time.

Liability of Jebel Ali Port Authority

Liability of Jebel Ali Port Authority for the damages occurred to the goods and the necessity to report such damage to the Authority by a written notice within the legal period specified under Article (19) of Law No. 4 of 1979. The right to give such notice shall not be relieved even if the damages are known to the port authority.

Breach of Trust

Delay or failure to return something does not establish mens rea unless such delay or failure is associated with the intent of the criminal to appropriate and embezzle the funds for his own interest, causing damages to the employer. In a breach of trust claim, if there is an existing account between the parties, the Court shall examine such account before delivering its verdict of condemnation or innocence for the lack of mens rea.

Appeal No. 62 of 2006, session held on 04.04.2006

Fault Based Divorce and Maintenance

It is established under Article (117) of Civil Status Law that each partner may ask for divorce for damages whenever there is moral verbal, or physical harm inflicted upon him/her or upon his/her parent or family member which made it impossible for him/her to resume cohabitation with the other partner without prejudice to any right they are entitled to, unless they are reconciled.

Employer & Employee

Consequences and conditions of employee’s failure to perform his obligation to refrain from working for third parties for a certain period after the expiration of his employment with the employer. Employer may claim compensations for any damages resulting therefrom, provided that such damages are proved by the employer to be resulting from the violation of the contract.

Appeal No. 2 of 2008 (Labor Appeal), session held on 24.02.2008



Islamic Bank

Since no definition, conditions or provisions of Murabaha Agreement is included in the applicable laws,  Murabaha Sale Agreement, as defined by the Maliki’s scholars, is the sale of an article by its original purchase price in addition to a known commission to the total price and insurance, provided that the sold article is owned by the seller to be able to dispose of it. The first purchase price must be indicated if the seller has previously purchased the  article and wants to sell the same.

Human Trafficking Issue

Interview with Attorney & legal consultant Mohammad Ahmad Al Saadi about Human trafficking issue on Alyoum Show on AlHURRA TV.

Cyber Crimes

Interview with Attorney & legal consultant Mohammad Ahmad Al Saadi about Cyber Crimes on Alyoum Show on AlHURRA TV.