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Personal Status, Inheritance and Well Law

We in Mohammad Alsaadi Advocates Legal Consultants are specialized in personal status cases for Muslims, Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Hindus and all denominations and sects. These include, but not limited to inheritance, wells, marriage and marital rights, children rights, divorce due to harm, Khula, children custody, right to see the children, wifeÔÇÖs support, Iddah alimony, conciliatory payment, children support, custody support, maid payment, custody housing, self-jurisdiction, deprivation of self-jurisdiction, property jurisdiction and deprivation of property jurisdiction. This specialty is governed by the UAE Federal Personal Status Law No. 28 of 2005, which applies to citizens and residents.

A resident may demand the UAE courts to apply the laws of his/her country if he/she thinks that will be in his/her best interest. Hence, the resident desiring to apply the laws of his/her country shall provide the court with copy of such laws attested by official bodies, i.e. his/her embassy and UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirming that it is the applicable law of his/her country.

The law requires that certain personal status cases are presented to the Family Guidance Committee to make reconciliation between the parties, such as proof of marriage or divorce. If no reconciliation is possible, the case will be referred to the competent judge.

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As a personal status law expert in the UAE, we offer legal aid for matters relating to will and inheritance, divorce and child custody for both natives and expats. 

At Al Saadi, our committed lawyers are with you throughout the process by providing the best legal advice and devising appropriate strategies whenever necessary to reach an amicable settlement. 

Our advice: marital relationship is based on love and compassion, giving the care, sympathy and patience to protect the marital relationship.

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