Arbitration selection depends on the subject and venue of the contract

We in Mohammad Alsaadi Advocates Legal Consultants are specialized in arbitrations of local and international disputes and highly experienced in arbitral disputes, with unmatched abilities to represent the companies in such conflicts.

We in Mohammad Alsaadi Advocates & Legal Consultants have eminent expertise in dispute resolution through negotiations, by advocates and consultants who are specialized in organizing mutual reconciliation agreements between the conflicting parties.

Our advice: Arbitration is urgently needed in some disputes, not every dispute. The principal practice is to resort to local courts. Therefore, it is also important to seek advice from an advocate who is specialized in arbitration and legal proceedings in the UAE courts in order to select the method of dispute resolution either by courts or arbitration. This depends on several criteria, such as the contractÔÇÖs subject, nature, significance and place.

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