Proper legal contract drafting to protect rights.

We in Mohammad Alsaadi Advocates Legal Consultants are specialized in all civil cases, accident compensation and debt collection. This specialty is governed by the UAE Federal Civil Transactions Law No. 5 of 1985. These include, but not limited to:

  • Ownership contracts, such as sale agreements, exchange agreements, grant agreements, partnership agreements and loan agreements.
  • Usufruct contracts, such as lease agreements and borrowing agreements.
  • Employment contracts, such as contracting agreements, employment agreements, agency agreements, deposit agreements and guardianship agreements.
  • Aleatory contracts, such as insurance agreements.
  • Personal insurance contracts, such as guarantees and assignments.
  • Proprietorship, common property and family property.
  • Apartment ownership, owner associations for floors and apartments.
  • Inheritance, estate liquidation, estate debts and wells.
  • Mortgage and lien.

And we are specialized in the Labour Law and labour disputes arising between employers and employees. The UAE Federal Labour Law No. 8 of 1980 regulates the employeesÔÇÖ entitlements, duties, salaries, working hours, leaves, disciplinary rules, occupational injuries compensation and employment contracts. Our Law Firm provides legal services as to all labour claims and prepares contracts and bylaws related to the corporate work system. 

At Al Saadi Advocates, we've helped 100s of our clients get justice in various civil disputes through litigation and conciliation. Our team of highly-qualified lawyers based in Dubai, with expertise in civil and labour law, vow to safeguard your rights in the event of disputes. Whoever be your opposing party - be it your employer, insurance company or borrower, we can act on your behalf at courts to enforce your rights or even outside for negotiating a peaceful resolution.

Feel like you are denied justice? Call us right away, we assure that you will receive your due as per your legal rights.

Our Advice: get your contracts documented & You shall have a legal advice as to all the employment-related matters.

Contact us for all your Civil Law service requirements in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.


Civil Law & Labour Law

Civil law in Continental law (civil law in broader sense) is a branch (body) of law which is the general part of private law.

The basis for civil law lies in a civil code. Before enacting of codes, civil law could not be distinguished from private law. After that some special areas of private law began to develop, such as commercial law (in the 17th century) and labour law (in the 19th century).

Civil law itself has the general part. It consists of capacity and status.