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At Al Saadi Advocates, our well-experienced divorce lawyers make sure that your divorce happens faster, smoother and without any conflict.

Divorce often involves great amounts of stress and expense. However, the right legal assistance and guidance can help you obtain a divorce faster with minimum stress and expense.

At Al Saadi, we offer divorce consultation and representation for all UAE residents irrespective of nationality. Our eminent panel of multilingual Divorce Consultants can offer you expert guidance and support on every aspect of your divorce, right from filing or contesting to mediation and financial settlements.

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Why choose Al Saadi?

As a family lawyer in Dubai with 17 years of experience, we are able to provide the following services with the assurance of complete confidentiality. 

  • We begin with a personal assessment of your case to figure out what led to the break down of your marriage. This helps us give you the best advice and support.
  • We prepare settlement agreements between the spouses, which state all the issues like child custody and visitation rights, financial settlement, etc.
  • We file divorce and domestic violence cases.
  • We offer representation at all UAE courts.
  • We follow mediation and conciliation methods for quicker settlement.

As an expat, you may sometimes have questions and concerns as to where you should get your divorce from - whether the UAE or home country. If you are a non-muslim, you can choose to either file your divorce in your home country or in the UAE. However, each jurisdiction has its own merits and demerits, which our family lawyers can help you understand better. 

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Divorce Law

Sharia law dictates the personal status law, which regulate matters such as marriage, divorce and child custody. The Sharia-based personal status law is applied to Muslims and sometimes non-Muslims. Non-Muslims can be liable to Sharia rulings on marriage, divorce and child custody.However, the burden is on the Non Muslim party to request that foreign family laws are applied on a particular case. Judges would entertain such requests in line with Article 1 of the Personal Status Law.